What does Spektrum offer?

What Does Spektrum Offer?


Spektrum Fondsmæglerselskab A/S offers investment advice and management for professional investors. We are one of the largest investment management firms in Denmark and have more than 24 years of experience.



Spektrum’s balanced investment mandates are designed to ensure the largest possible net return with a risk profile that matches the individual client’s needs and wishes. In a close partnership with the client we define the right investment strategy and select the world’s best asset managers for the portfolio.

We have many years of experience in advising the largest pension funds in Denmark, and we are therefore able to construct portfolios with the same quality and diversity in different asset classes as leading investors. In other words, we deliver institutional quality for professional, but smaller investors.

Please contact COO Andreas Weilby for more information about our balanced investment mandates.



Spektrum offers specialised mandates for those clients that choose to construct their portfolio themselves. The mandates consist of the mutual fund K Invest and are managed by some of the world’s best managers that invest in a broad selection of asset classes, such as equities, bonds, and alternatives.

All funds in K Invest are administrated by the Nykredit Portefølje Administration, and being a Danish mutual fund, it is administratively easier to invest in than funds located in Luxembourg or Dublin, for instance. This means less administration for our clients.

In K Invest we pool together our clients’ combined investments, which generates substantial economies of scale, as we therefore are able to negotiate costs based on a very large volume instead of just one client at a time. This means significant cost savings for our clients.

Every fund is managed by a specific asset manager that Spektrum has chosen using an in-depth selection process, and each individual asset manager is monitored continuously and systematically. Our independence means that we at any given time are able to replace a manager in K Invest in the event that they should fail to perform, or that we do not believe they will be able to do so in the future. This means more security for our clients.

Please contact COO Andreas Weilby for more information about the strategies in K Invest.



Spektrum also offers independent advice for investors who want an objective second opinion on all or selected parts of their portfolio. This could be an assessment of the client’s historical performance, the client’s current investment costs, or manager selection and monitoring. These types of analyses give clients the opportunity to evaluate whether their strategy fits the risk profile they want, whether their costs are competitive, or whether there are any other attractive asset classes worth considering.

Furthermore, Spektrum publishes an annual pension report that describes the returns of funds in the Danish pension business. The report addresses Danish pension funds and others that are interested in an independent and structured examination of their performance. The pension funds use the report to gain a deeper insight into their positioning compared to their competitors, to find inspiration, and to receive our opinion on where the Danish and European pension business is headed.

Please contact CEO Jesper Kirstein for more information about the pension report.



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About Spektrum A/S

Spektrum A/S is a consultancy that advises professional investors and asset managers about investments and strategy. We are independent and never compromise this principle. After more than 20 years in the market, we have consolidated ourselves as the leading financial consultant in Denmark and have also achieved a significant position abroad. We offer a high level of analytical expertise, flexibility, and targeted solutions for our clients, who are mainly asset managers, pension funds, banks, and institutional investors.

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